Cyber Bulling Campaign

Cyber bullying is a rather recent but problematic issue. Increased use of cell phones makes students more prone to CyberBullying. We at Project 50 Kids believe that the mental health of kids is very important, hence should never be compromised. Thus we launched a social media campaign against CyberBullying. The aim was to raise awareness regarding the negative impacts on society. More than 200 people participated in this campaign.


App Development Workshop

Project 50 Kids holds an interactive Summer Camp and several Workshops every year. This year our team collaborated with MUSAB School Senior Campus. It was an app development program in which the students were taught how to develop a text-to-speech mobile application similar to that of google. It provided students the opportunity to implement what they learnt in a practical way. One of the students shared his experience in following words “Our experience with Project 50 Kids has been great. Live interaction with the team makes learning easier and more fun.”
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