What is teachTech?

The best way to learn is by teaching – a cliched phrase we often come across but have somewhere down the line forgotten the intensity of the message it holds. Growth and success are about moving forward together. At Project 50 Kids, every program we design is meant to help us improve our efforts, help you learn from the experience and provide our students with an interactive environment where they can learn to help themselves. Talking about change is easy, bringing about change is the real deal. As a team this is our first initiative to provide Pakistani students a better learning environment focused on digital literacy.

teachTech is a Project 50 Kids Fellowship Program that gives undergraduate students an enthralling opportunity to hone their existing skills and explore the untapped facets of their personality while at the same time contributing to the growth of Pakistan’s education sector.

We try to establish a constructive symbiotic relationship between our Fellows and students which generally lasts beyond the classroom. Where our students benefit from the knowledge and experience of our young educators, Fellows have a chance to closely study our academic system and contribute towards its betterment in their own capacities. Fellows learn to empathize with students from across social classes, develop human connections, establish self-confidence and thrive in a creative environment contributing to their own personal and professional growth.

teachTech Fellows are hired from various leading universities in Pakistan. They then undergo training sessions to prepare them for the annual Summer Camp and Follow-up Workshops. The Program is intended for first and second year students preferably pursuing a degree in Computer Sciences, however anyone interested in giving it a shot is more than welcome to apply.

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