We implement our core values by conducting workshops at various educational institutions across multiple cities in Pakistan. Workshops are short (series of) one day sessions conducted throughout the year.

Various 1 to 3 hour long sessions are conducted . The fundamental objective is to test improvised programs that could be implemented in upcoming camps. While existing connections are rejuvenated and previous students receive follow-up sessions, we also reach out to new individuals and institutes.

One of the following courses is chosen to be taught at the workshop series:

  •         Google Search Engine: Introducing Safe & Efficient use
  •         Game Development by Block Coding using Scratch
  •         App Development
  •         Explore the Computer 101
  •         Microsoft Excel: Learn to manage
  •         Microsoft Word: Compose it to Make it
  •         MSW Logo: Designing through Coding


Several other courses are offered during workshop. If you are looking to have one of these sessions conducted at your schools kindly reach us at

Email :

Phone : 0323-4974774

Walk through of workshop content for App Development