Project Description

Momina Liaqat Ali

Momina had keen interest in computers since her childhood. The idea of people finding it odd for a girl to be interested in such a field where females are thought to have ‘no scope’ in computer sciences made her even more passionate to pursue her dreams. Support from her family encouraged her and today she is a BSCIS student at PIEAS. She is currently managing our operations in Faisalabad.

“I was able to step into this field due to the support of my parents and my mentor Ms. Sara Saleem, to whom I dedicate all my efforts. But now I want to be a source of motivation and support to all the girls out there who wish to be a part of this field but are largely discouraged due to misconceptions about the opportunities available post-graduation. Project 50 Kids is an amazing platform that I would like to use to promote educating specially our girls in the field of computers. Not only do we get to share our knowledge with these students but we can get to learn from our peers. I am absolutely delighted about bringing Project 50 Kids to my city Faisalabad. It is an exciting opportunity managing an entire region especially when it is the first time they are expanding to another city.”- Momina Liaqat Ali